AKTA pure 25 M (used)

AKTA pure 25 M (used)

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2-year old (2022) ÄKTA™ pure 25 M (29018226) in excellent condition. 

This ÄKTA pure 25 M consists of the following items:
System pumps
Two bio-inert high performance dual piston pumps for flow rates up to 25 ml/min and pressure up to 20 MP.
Pressure sensor
One pressure sensor placed after system pump.
Gradient mixer with 1.4 ml chamber included.
Injection valve
Connections for sample application from both loop and sample pump in one valve.
UV monitor U9-M, Triple variable wavelength
Detect most biomolecules. Monitor absorbance at three wavelengths simultaneously. Range 190-700 nm.
Conductivity monitor
Wide-range (0.01 to 999.99 mS/cm), for gradient verification in all common chromatography techniques
Inlet Valve Kit (V9-IA)
Selection between seven A inlets. Integrated sensor automatically detects air. Inlet tubing included.
Column Valve Kit (V9-C, 5-columns)
Switch automatically between five columns. Automate cleaning and increase eluted concentration using column bypass and reverse flow. Safeguard columns through pre- and post-column pressure measurements.
Outlet Valve Kit (V9-O, 10-outlets)
Fractionate in fraction collector or ten outlet positions. Tubing included.
Versatile Valve (V9-V)
General four-position valve to customize the flow path. Can e.g. be used for enabling by-pass of external monitors or other components.
pH Valve Kit (V9-pH)
Monitor pH gradients and elution conditions. Keep the electrode in the flow path during storage and calibration. Switch valve position to perform quick by-pass of flow restrictor.
pH Electrode
Fraction Collector F9-R
Collection of up to 175 fractions in tube sizes from 3 to 50 ml. Rack for 18 mm tubes and tube holder and spacers for 175 x 12 mm tubes included.
UNICORN 7 work station
Complete PC packing with control system. Includes one node-locked UNICORN™ 7.0 workstation license.

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