Glycap-3A (human Fc gamma RIIIA) pre-packed column

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Glycap-3A pre-packed columns are capable of separating non-fucosylated, bisected GlcNAc, IgG1 and IgG3 from complex antibody mixtures of monoclonal or polyclonal IgG. The columns are packed with an agarose resin to which human Fc gamma RIIIA (CD16A) is immobilized.

Glycap-3A is operated by loading a neutral pH and eluting high affinity glycoforms and subclasses at low pH (example pH 3-4.5).

Glycap-3A, a unique and patented (US10221210B2, EP2734537A1) affinity purification technology developed by Zepteon, enables separation of antibodies based on their glycoform (nonfucyosylated or bisected GlcNAc) and subclass (high affinity for IgG1 and IgG3). 

Bolton et al. Biotechnology Progress, 2013


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