GoBio Mini DEAE

GoBio Mini DEAE

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GoBio™ Mini DEAE is a pre-packed, ready to use ion exchange column for easy and convenient purification of proteins. They are available as 1 ml and 5 ml columns. With GoBio Mini DEAE you get:

  • Rapid method screening and separations
  • High binding capacity and purity
  • Easy ready to use columns

GoBio Mini DEAE columns are pre-packed with the cross-linked agarose-based ion exchange resin, WorkBeads 40 DEAE that can successfully be used in the purification of proteins in biotechnology research and method development. GoBio Mini DEAE is a weak anion exchanger and has a diethylaminoethyl group for ion exchange chromatography. The functional groups are coupled to the beads via chemically stable linkages. Connecting columns in series up to five columns allows simple scale-up in lab-scale.



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