GoBio Mini IDA

GoBio Mini IDA

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GoBio™ Mini IDA columns for Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatography (IMAC) are ready-to-use for quick and easy purification of polyhistidine-tagged (His-tagged) proteins and other proteins with an affinity for metal ions. The columns are pre-packed with pre-charged or uncharged WorkBeads 40 IDA resins. They are available in two column sizes, 1 ml and 5 ml. IMAC utilizes the affinity of histidine, cysteine and tryptophan amino acid side chains on the protein surface for binding to transition metal ions, such as Ni2+, Co2+, Cu2+ and Zn2+, which are immobilized via a metal chelating ligand on the chromatography resin.

  • High binding capacity and purity
  • Pre-charged resins with different metal ions for convenient screening for optimal purity
  • Uncharged resins can be charged wih the metal ion of choice
  • Pre-packed ready-to-use columns for rapid and reliable results


The GoBio Mini IDA resins are based on the iminodiacetic acid group (IDA) chelating group. The resin can easily be charged before use with a broad spectrum of divalent or trivalent transition metal ions, including Ni2+, Co2+, Cu2+ or Zn2+, Fe3+ or Ga3+.

They can then be used for the Immobilized Metal Ion Affinity Chromatography (IMAC) purification of His-tagged proteins or other proteins with an affinity for metal ions. The selectivity of the metal-charged resin depends on both the choice of ligand (NTA or IDA) and the metal ion used. The uncharged resins can also be used for divalent metal ion removal.


Figure 1 IMAC whitepaper


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