GoBio Mini IEX Screening Kit

GoBio Mini IEX Screening Kit

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GoBio™ Mini IEX Screening Kit includes four different ready-to-use 1 ml ion exchange chromatography columns for easy and convenient optimization and purification of proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides, by utilizing the difference in these molecules surface charge. The included columns in this kit are GoBio Mini S (strong cation exchanger), GoBio Mini Q (strong anion exchanger), GoBio Mini DEAE (weak anion exchanger) and GoBio Mini TREN (multimodal anion exchanger).  The columns are pre-packed respectively with WorkBeads™ 40S, WorkBeads 40Q, WorkBeads 40 DEAE and WorkBeads 40 TREN resins. 

  • Prepacked ready-to-use columns for fast screening of four different IEX resins
  • Easy screening for optimal running conditions
  • High binding capacity even at high flow rates

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