GoBio Prep SEC

GoBio Prep SEC

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GoBio Prep 16x600 & GoBio Prep 26x600 columns

GoBio™ Prep 16x600 and GoBio Prep 26x600 are prepacked ready-to-use columns available with four different size exclusion chromatography resins, WorkBeads™ 40/100 SEC, WorkBeads 40/1000 SEC, WorkBeads 40/10 000 SEC, WorkBeads Macro SEC and WorkBeads 200 SEC. The column volumes are 120 mL and 320 mL, respectively.

Table 1. GoBio Prep 16x600 and GoBio Prep 26x600 columns characteristics.

Column characteristics

Column hardware


Top and bottom plugs


Top and bottom filters



1/16" female thread in both ends

Column volumes

120 ml (GoBio Prep 16x600) 

320 ml (GoBio Prep 26x600)

Column dimensions

16 x 600 mm (GoBio Prep 16x600) 

26 x 600 mm (GoBio Prep 26x600)

Theoretical plates


Maximal column hardware pressure

5 bar, 0.5 MPa, 70 psi


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