GoBio Screen

GoBio Screen

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GoBio™ Screen 7x100 prepacked columns are convenient for fast and easy optimization of methods and parameters, such as selectivity, binding and elution conditions, as well as for small-scale purifications. These columns are prepacked with WorkBeads™ resins which allows quick and easy purification.

Table 1. GoBio Screen 7x100 column characteristics

Table 1 repaired GoBio Screen1 The maximum pressure the packed bed can withstand depends on the sample/liquid viscosity and chromatography resin characteristics. The pressure also depends on the tubing used to connect the column and the system restrictions after the column outlet.


After developing a chromatographic procedure using GoBio Prep 16x100 or GoBio Prep 26x100 column, the column volume can easily be scaled-up by using larger prepacked columns such as, GoBio Prep 16x100 (20 mL), GoBio Prep 26x100 (53 mL) and GoBio Prod 80x200 (1 L). The GoBio Prod prepacked column family is available in column sizes up to 25 L.

Table 2. Example of scale-up parameters

Table 2 GoBio Screen





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