WorkBeads 40/1000 ACT & WorkBeads 40/10 000 ACT

WorkBeads 40 ACT

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WorkBeads™ 40/1000 ACT and WorkBeads 40/10 000 ACT pre-activated separation resins are based on highly cross-linked agarose. The resins can be used for stable covalent coupling of proteins, peptides or low-molecular weight substances exposing primary amine or thiol groups. The purpose of the ligand coupling may be to create an affinity resin or an immobilized-enzyme reactor.

  • Ideal for coupling of specific customer designed resins
  • Stable covalent linkage
  • Suitable for coupling of ligands containing thiol,
  • amino and hydroxyl groups
  • Two different porosities for optimized results

Agarose based beads have been successfully used for decades in life sciences research and for industrial purification of proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides and other biomolecules. This compatibility depends on the hydrophilic nature and minimal unspecific interactions between agarose and these compounds.

WorkBeads 40/1000 ACT and WorkBeads 40/10 000 ACT contains reactive bromohydrin groups. Coupling can be done under neutral or slightly basic conditions in aqueous solution. These activated resins are stable in the absence of amines and thiols, and can be stored in 20% ethanol at room temperature until use. The nature of this chemistry makes coupling easy and convenient. WorkBeads 40/1000 ACT and WorkBeads 40/10 000 ACT have different porosities, which will affect the amount of ligand that can be coupled and the binding capacity of a target substance binding to the ligand, i.e., the prepared affinity resin. As rule of thumb; WorkBeads 40/1000 ACT should be used for small protein ligands or small affinity targets, and WorkBeads 40/10 000 ACT should be used for large protein ligands and/or large affinity targets. An affinity resin prepared by coupling a stable ligand on these active resin can be used and/or stored for several years.


WorkBeads 40_1000 ACT


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