WorkBeads 40 DEAE

WorkBeads 40 DEAE

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WorkBeads™ 40 DEAE resin for ion exchange chromatography is designed for research and industrial purification of proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides, by utilizing the difference in their surface charge. WorkBeads 40 DEAE is a weak anion exchanger with tertiary amine ligands. This resin has the property of high-resolution separation while generating low backpressure allowing its use for both capture and polishing purification applications in standard bioprocess columns.

  • High throughput and purity
  • Reliable and reproducible results
  • High chemical stability for easy cleaning-in-place


WorkBeads 40 DEAE is a weak anion exchange resin employing Diethylaminoethyl (a tertiary amine) as functional groups. The functional groups are coupled to the resin via chemically stable linkages. This weak ion exchanger resin should be used as an alternative to WorkBeads 40Q, a strong anion exchange resin, when looking for alternative selectivities. The density of positive charges in WorkBeads 40 DEAE will decrease gradually when the pH is increased above pH 6. This effect can be used to modulate the selectivity of the resin, although the binding capacity may be reduced at basic pH values.




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